Fixing a Roof Rack can be a technical matter when there are so many different makes and models of vehicles on the market.

We only use Thule Roof Racks as they are the leading manufacture of Roof Racks and Roof Boxes.

To be able to fit a Thule roof rack to your vehicle we need the following details:

Make of your vehicle, Model of your Vehicle, Year of Registration, No of Doors

Is it an estate, saloon, MPV? Does it have roof rails?

Once a Thule roof rack is fitted to your vehicle you can attach either a Roof box and or Bike/Ski Carriers to the roof bars.

There are  FIVE MAIN TYPES OF ROOFS  that a Thule roof rack can be fitted to. Sorry we cannot fit a rack to convertible roofs!

1. Flat Roof

Your vehicle roof is completely flat. The Thule roof rack will fit on top of a rubber pad  that sits on top of your roof and a plastic coated plate will also fit around the door securing the rack to the roof.  The rack is then tightened so it fits securely to your vehicle.  All the racks are lockable and a key is supplied at the time of hire. On some 3 door cars it may be necessary to also add a Thule short roof adapter.

Please note if  you have a Thule roof rack fitted to your car for several days and you travel to a warmer climate once the rack is removed there may be an imprint of the rubber pad left on your roof. This imprint can be removed by cleaning your roof afterwards.

2. Fixed Point  in the roof

On the top of your roof you will have an insert  (the insert may be covered up with a flap or a plastic cover that is easily removed). A bolt or screw attaches theThule roof rack to the roof.  This screw/bolt is tighten securing your rack to the roof. On some vehicles it may be necessary to cut away some excess to  gain access to the screw holes. Lockable covers are provided for the foot plate.

3.Tracking system in the roof

On the top of your roof you may have a channel that runs along the edge of the roof. A plate attached to the rack is inserted into the channel and tighten so the Thule roof rack is securely fitted to your roof. Lockable covers are provided for the foot plate.


4. Roof Rails Solid Integrated bars

A solid integrated bar is attached to your roof. The Thule roof rack slots over this bar and is tighten so the rack fits securely to your roof. Lockable covers are provided for the foot plate.


5. Roof Rails with a gap between the roof and the bar

A rail runs along your roof and there is a gap between the roof and the rails. ( often your hand will fit between the gap). The Thule roof rack fixes over the rail and is tighten so the rack fits securely to your roof. The Thule roof rack is lockable.



There are weight limits on how much a roof rack can carry and on some vehicles it is not possible to have both a roof rack and a roof box because of these weight restrictions.

Your hire contract will stipulate how much weight you can carry.

A normal vehicle will be able to take between 75-100 KG on your roof, this includes the weight of the Thule roof rack and the Thule roofbox. As the rack weighs around 7kg and the box between 12-26kg it can dramatically reduce the amount you can carry in the roof box.  So for example a 460 litre roof box will normally carry around 50kg and the larger 650 litre roof box 75 kg inside the box.  Please also check your vehicles handbook for additional guidelines.

If you carry a large item on your roof rack for example a mattress, fencing panel,  there are speed limit restrictions on how fast you can drive your vehicle. Please ask our staff for more details.