Benefits of a Roof Box

A roof box will enable you to create more space in your car and have a comfortable journey with out wasting a small fortune on a purchase you may only use once or twice.

With various sizes available you will be able to find a roof box to hire for your vehicle.

  • Included in the hire from roofbox2hire is the roof rack.
  • No Deposit required!
  • Book Online for further savings!
  • Some of the boxes there are two colour choices so you can really co- ordinate the main colour of your car with the roof box.

Not sure what your car will look like with a roof box on the top of it. Have a look at our roof box search page where you simply search for your car and an example will be shown.

We cater for 95% of the cars in the market, so if you are camping, skiing, fishing, need extra room for presents, no room because of the dog(s), moving to university, going on holiday we will have a roof box for you.

You can also choose to either collect from our depot or have your roof box delivered and fitted at your home or work address. See our delivery page for locations we will deliver to.

Our Roof Boxes

Thule S Roof Box

Thule S our smallest compact roof box 2 hire. Volume 370 litres length 139cm x 90cm Cost to hire from £7.00 per day includes roof rack

Thule M Roofbox

Thule M is a wide Roof box 2 hire and Ideal for buggies, camping holidays Volume 450 Litres Length 175cm Long x 82cm wide Cost to hire from £8.40 per day includes the roof rack.

Thule L Roof Box

Thule L roof box 2 hire. Medium size box suits majority of cars. Volume 450 litres length 190 x 78cm. Cost per day to hire from £8.40 includes the roof rack.

Thule XL Roof Box

Thule Motion XL is an ideal family roof box 2 hire.  Volume 500 litres Length 215cm x 92cm Cost to hire from £9.40 per day and includes the roof rack.

Thule XXL Roof Box

Thule XXL is the largest roof box 2 hire.  Ideal for skiers as will take up to 8 pairs of skis, or for the  large family going on a long trip  Volume 610 litres length 232 x 94cm. Cost per day to hire from £10.70 includes the roof rack.

Thule Alpine Roof Box

Thule Alpine Roof Box 2 Hire. A box for long items such as skis, fishing equipment or a thin box so you can also put a bike rack along side it.  Volume 450 litres Length 232cm x 70cm Cost to hire from £8.40 per day and includes the roof rack.

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