We are selling off  all our Snowchain hire stock at not much more than it costs to hire!!

Prices start from:

£25.00. for the Thule CG9 Snowchains 

& £75.00 for the Thule XG12 Snowchains. 

Call now on 01403-785751 to grab your-self a bargain.  

We can ship anywhere in the UK for an additional £10 Charge. 

Snowchain Hire

If you are driving to the slopes, Snowchains are an essential item.

In some countries; France and Italy are just two examples, you are legally obliged to carry them when driving in the mountains even during the summer months.

We use either Thule or Weissenfels chains, which are quick and easy to fit. No movement of the car is necessary when fitting.

Chains are supplied in pairs and should be fitted to the drive wheels.

All snowchains are supplied with full fitting instructions and if collecting from our store a member of staff will demonstrate a fitting for you.

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What is the correct chain size for my tyre?

To find the correct chain size, we need to know what your tyre size is. The best way of finding out this information is to read the size printed on your tyre of your vehicle. It will say something like “195/60 R 15”. Please ignore the letters when telling us these details as they refer to construction and not size.If you are not sure what is your tyre size, please call 01403-785751 and we will be happy to help you.

Important Note:Believe us, there is nothing worse than trying to fit chains when it is dark, snowing and it is the first time you have fitted them. We strongly advise that you try fitting chains to the vehicle at home before driving to the mountains.

Useful tips when using Snowchains

  1. Before you go on holiday it is imperative that you fit the Snowchains to your vehicle.
    This will also confirm that you have the right fitting chain.
  2. Place the Snowchains in an accessible place and have a pair of gloves, hi-viz jacket
    and a piece of matting to kneel on, in preparation of fitting the Snowchains.
  3. Before you fit the Snowchains make sure there are not any twists in the chains.
  4. Always fit the Snowchains to the drive wheels. If unsure please refer to your vehicles hand book.
  5. After fitting the Snowchains drive a few metres and re-tighten/check the chain is correctly fitted.
  6. Do not exceed 30 MPH when driving with Snowchains.
  7. Try to drive smoothly, avoid excessive braking, harsh corning and NEVER spin the wheels.
  8. If you are trying to drive up a very steep hill sometimes it is more effective to reverse up the hill
    especially if it is a rear wheel drive vehicle.


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