Going away this summer?

The summer holidays are nearly upon us and our holiday is booked. How are you getting there Driving? Will you get all the kit in the car? Not really thought about it until you try and load the car and discover there is just not enough room for the entire luggage?

What can I do I hear you say? I will buy a roof box but having visited the local car accessory centre to discover that a roof box will cost over £300 and that’s before I have added a rack and that’s another £150+ and what happens when I change my car next year I will need a new rack. I live in a flat or small house where do I store the box. Argh! You mutter.

Have you thought about hiring a roof box and rack and having it delivered to the comfort of your home? By fitting a roof box to your car you can increase the luggage capacity and have a more enjoyable ride at a fraction of the price by buying one.

But what about my fuel consumption I hear you ask? Can I still travel at 70 MPH? Yes you can and I am afraid your consumption will drop between 5-10% but think of the saving when the children are more comfortable in the back and you do not here those dreaded words” are we there yet!”

Enjoy your trip!