Going on holiday? Need extra space in your car? No storage available at home for a roof box? Easy, Hire a Roof box at an amazing low price including the roof rack. No Deposit required & book online to make further savings!

Create more space in your vehicle, so as to make your journey more comfortable, when you hire a roof box.

Why waste money on an item you may only use once or twice a year?

Roof box  hire starts from as little as £32.90 for 7 days hire which is just £4.70 per day and includes the roof rack for your car.

No Deposit is required and you can now book online to make even further savings!

Not sure what your car will look like with a roof box on the top of it. Have a look at our roof box search page where  you simply search for your car and an example will be shown.

We cater for 95% of the cars in the market, so if you are camping, skiing, fishing, need extra room for presents,  no room because of the dog(s), moving to university, going on holiday we will have a roof box for you.

You can also choose to have your roof box hire delivered and fitted at your home or business address. For more details see our delivery page.

OFF PEAK OFFER*: Save £34.00 on Delivery/Collection.

Are you travelling outside the school holidays* (see date below)  and you live more than 10 miles from our depot?  Save £34.00 on your delivery/collection charges.

*Dates  when offer does not apply in 2018.

February 9-18, March 23-31, April 1-8, May 25-31, Jun 1-3, July 9-31, Aug 1-31,Oct 22-29, Dec 20-31

Call Now on 01403785751

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